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Best of Budapest award - Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Hungary, Budapest
Urgent call until midnight +36 1 422 0808
+36 1 422 0808
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67 Margit Boulevard, Budapest 1024, Hungary
Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Hungary, Budapest

Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Price list

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 Our priceAverage UK priceAverage savings
Annual checkup£30£45£15
Small dental X-Ray (1-1 tooth or area)FREE  
Suture / removalFREE  
X-Ray / Panoramic£28£60£32
Prosthetic dentistry   
Metal Ceramic Crown anchored on implant£239£600£381
Porcelain Crown fused to metal /Bridge /piece£239£550£331
Zirconium full ceramic crown Details£304£750£446
Emax crown£380£850£470
Temporary crown / piece£30£65£35
Long term temporary crowns / piece£60£125£65
Dental impressionFREE  
Bite adjustmentFREE  
Try-in sessions for dental crowns, adjustmentsFREE  
Choosing tooth shadeFREE  
Prosthetic controlFREE  
Grinding surface refining (Implantcenter works)FREE  
Implant and metal bar supported protheses - lower / upper£1780£4100£2500
SGS/Alphabio Implant£399£1250£851
SGS/Alphabio Standard Abutment£140£350£210
Bio Horizons implant£700£1700£1000
Bio Horizons standard abutment£190£300£110
Bio Horizons zirconium abutment Details£256£700£444
Camlog Implant£599£1350£800
Camlog standard abutment£155£270£130
Camlog zirconium abutment Details£185£520£264
Suture / removalFREE  
Healing screwsFREE  
Implant exposure, placement of abutmentFREE  
(Implant screw) cover fillingsFREE  
Postoperative controlFREE  
Aesthetic Dentistry   
Scaling and polishing£69£155£86
Tooth whitening / clinic with Plasma lamp Details£329£500£171
Tooth whitening / home£104£250£146
Emax veneer£380£850£470
Tooth Preservation   
Root canal treatment and fillingfrom
Inlay / Onlay + Materialprice£199£450£251
Oral Surgery   
Simple tooth extraction£55£90£48
Extr./wisdom tooth I.£100£120£60
Extr./wisdom tooth II.£130£250£150
Extr./wisdom tooth III. covered by bone£215£400£220
Simple removal of retained root£42£100£60
Surgical removal of tooth£140£300£205
Periapical curettage root apex resection/front£140£355£240
Periapical curettage root apex resection/molar£138£370£232
Periapical curettage root apex resection/premolar£150£350£225
Bone Augmentationfrom
Plexus research£60£120£60
Oral Surgery   
Sinuslifting bone grafting /side£650£2000£1350
Internal sinus lifting /side£325£800£475
Sinus operation/ Luc-Caldwell£625£1800£1175
Operation of nasal septum£625£1800£1175
Sinuscopia / Fess£550£1380£830

Orthodontics price list

 Our priceAverage UK priceAverage savings
Orthodontics consultation£60£150£90
Orthodontics treatment plan / quotation£140£220£80
Metal braces on the outside / jaw£560£1300£740
Ceramic braces on the outside / jaw£740£2000£1260
Activation (includes material replacement)£60£175£115
Damon metal braces/jaw£655£1800£1145
Damon ceramic braces/jaw£935£1900£965
Damon activation (includes material replacement)£140£220£80
STB lingual braces£1030£2200£1170
STB activation (includes material replacement)£235£460£225
Incognito lingual braces£1960£4000£2040
Incognito activation (includes material replacement)£280£500£220
Invisalign Lite, 2 jaws (total amount, to be paid in 3 installments)£2500£3500£1000
Invisalign, 2 jaws (total amount, to be paid in 3 installments)£3800£5500£1700
Broaden plate for 1 jaw£280£500£220
Broaden plate for 2 jaws£350£720£370
Bite coordinating applience£610£1500£890

Our clinic offers the highest-quality dental care available. The materials used and technologies adapted in the practice are in compliance with the most stringent international and national quality assurance requirements. Our laboratory background is internationally recognised. We are confident in our quality of work and therefore support it with a full warranty.

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