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Best of Budapest award - Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Hungary, Budapest
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+36 1 422 0808
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67 Margit Boulevard, Budapest 1024, Hungary
Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Hungary, Budapest

Dentistry and Oral Surgery

General anaesthesia

We arranged our clinic for doing surgery operations in general anaesthesia if necessary or in demand.

Our anaesthesiologists, dentists and surgeons are able to do the general anaesthesia without any complication using intravenous drug.

There’s only need to have reexamination if the patient has kind of disease that can influence the treatment.

Under general anaesthesia the patient is acquitted from living through the operation , that won’t aruse bad memories in them.

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I had a nice time in Budapest all things considered and I felt that I was treated by qualified and pleasant people. I also appreciated their effort to make me feel at ease.

M. J.